Corporate Identity Design Pretoria

Corporate Identity Designer Pretoria

Whether you are starting a new business or running a successful one, a striking corporate identity design forms the basis of communicating your brand.

Every organisation has an identity. It articulates the corporate ethos, aims and values and presents a sense of individuality that can help to differentiate the organisation within its competitive environment." ~ Academics from the Strathclyde, Erasmus and Harvard Business Schools

 It is, therefore, essential that it represents the quality of your company, its goals, and what it stands for. 

One of the vital steps in building a successful brand and Corporate Identity for your business is the company logo as this often forms the first impression of your company. After spending quality time researching and choosing a business name, the logo will be the piece that carves out a memorable part of your business in the customers mind once they start associating your company with the logo. Great logo design is more than just displaying your name in an appealing font.

After logo development is completed and finalized, the rest of the Corporate Identity will follow the same look and feel to keep consistency throughout the whole brand.

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