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The Like Factor: Can social media grow your business?

In a world governed by likes, advertising, shares and reviews, your business has to keep up with social media. Refusing to board the train will render you as accessible as unsliced bread. So what can Social media do for your business?

Social media posts can createvisibility for your business.

Human being are creatures of habit: we like structure and guarantees. Visibility is one of the easiest ways to expand the success of your business – the more people see something, the more likely they are to associate the brand with the product. Nowadays, people already know what brand they want before they go shopping, and it’s usually based on what they’ve seen. “We get that”, you may be thinking, “the question is, how does social media get us seen?” Well, the answer is simple: traffic.

Social media posts can be used to drive targeted traffic

A new page on Facebook, for instance, can generate so much traffic to your website or even just your brand name, that not only does your brand become a generally positive mental association, but it also becomes more likely to appear on a search engine search

Users are open to your messages The next logical question is then, how do I influence this traffic? You are, at the end of the day, sending out visual messages that users of social media will either receive or reject. You know that sweet, satisfying feeling you get when you look something up online and you find a website perfectly set up to answer your questions? Similarly, you know that burning fury that regresses you right back to a defiant toddler you feel when a website is difficult to navigate, or reminiscent of a grade 4 history poster cluttered with somewhat irrelevant information and littered with a mismatch of ugly fonts?

Social media will lead to real relationship building

Last, but certainly not least, the only thing people like more than getting what they want without delay, is being able to complain about what they didn’t get without delay. While a company shouldn’t necessarily be excited about a complaint, they should certainly be excited about the social media-driven way in which they can respond to that complaint. Immediate responses do two things: one, they make the customer feel as if their opinions were heard, and two, it sorts the issue out before it has time to grow.

Social media works its wonders when it comes to business growth and you’ll hopefully combine it into your business acumen in the future after reading this, but if you don’t have time to spend on Social Media Campaigns, let Adorn Media Studio assist you. We know the industry and keep up with all the latest trends and ins and outs of social media. Get in touch to request a meeting with our Social Media Management team today and allow your business to flourish.

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