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WordPress Website Design Tips

WordPress is one of the most popular site-building platforms for a reason. This convenient tool provides you with everything you need to easily create a high-quality site that looks professional.

WordPress gives you the possibility to use free templates or to purchase additional templates to get the design you want, but you should take the time to make a few tweaks to the templates you use.

Choose The Right Template

Some WordPress templates are designed with image-based blogs in mind and will display your content to showcase the images. Other templates are designed so that visitors will primarily notice your written content. Make sure you choose a template that allows you to use the right format to present your information and don’t hesitate to tweak it by adding or removing elements to customize your WordPress site.

Choose The Right Colors

WordPress website design is a lot simpler than traditional web design because you can rely on templates. However, the color scheme of the template you decided to use might not be a good match for your site. You can easily change the color palette to create a design that is a better fit for the identity of your brand.

Test Different Fonts

Most templates include default fonts but you should not hesitate to change them. Test different fonts to see what kind of effect they create. Look for fonts that are easy to read and that draw attention to the main elements of your pages. The fonts you choose should be a good match for the brand identity you want to create and should provide visitors with an ideal experience when they read your content.

Format Your Content

WordPress features a simple and convenient post editing tool. You can use this tool to write your posts, add images and format your content. Make sure you use this tool to make your content easier to read. You might, for instance, want to make some elements bold and should also use the post editor to organize your content into different sections with sub-headers. Add some bullet points to make your content easier to read!

Organize Your Different Elements

WordPress allows you to add different elements to your pages. You will, for instance, have a header, a block for your main content and a footer. You can also add a menu, a small block with an RSS feed, another block with links to your social media accounts and a box that displays your biography. Choose which elements you want to display on your site carefully and determine the best position for each element. The most important elements should draw the attention of users right away and make sure there aren’t too many design elements on your pages.

These WordPress website design will help you provide your visitors with an ideal experience. Don’t hesitate to test different templates and to make a few changes until you find the perfect design for your website. Test it on different browsers and platforms to make sure there are no issues.

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