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Surviving The Effects Of COVID19: Move Your Business Online

How we use online channels has drastically changed since the COVID-19 outbreak, and with looming reports of higher cases that will lead to stricter restrictions, the move online for small businesses is crucial. Many of the current online behaviours will probably remain post-pandemic, so instead of looking at it as a challenge, see it as an opportunity. Focusing on moving your business online means that your business will most likely emerge as a market leader.

Here’s how your small business can transition your business to the new e-commerce normal!

Why Move Online?

#1: Everyone Is Online, And If They Aren’t They’re On Their Way!

We’re in a time of “online quarantine” is the ideal time to leverage social media’s power as the first point of communication. Make sure you stay plugged in!

#2: Stay In Radar With Your Customers

Having to shut down your physical business doors does not mean you shut your online channels. Now more than ever, your customers will rely on your website and social media platforms to stay informed with your business – communicate there!

#3: Stay Ahead Of The Curve!

When you invest in paid advertising or regularly posting on social media and your website, you have a great opportunity of staying ahead of your competitors. And as soon as the “new normal” becomes old news, you’ll easily be able to bounce back to the groove of things!

Businesses That Should Immediately Move Online

Restaurants And Bars

Many restaurants, bars, cafés and diners across the world have, more than once, been forced to shut their doors for some time. Although most of these businesses were offering delivery services, many more have not. Owning a restaurant, particularly in an urban area, will require you to work with delivery companies during this pandemic.

Clothing, Jewellery And Cosmetics Stores

Businesses selling clothes, jewellery and makeup can also take advantage of moving online. Whether you own a small business or large corporation, investing in an e-commerce strategy or website is your best move if you didn’t have one before. If you don’t currently have an e-commerce platform on your website, consider having a presence in a third-party e-commerce site.

Now that it’s almost impossible for us to contact your customers directly, retail therapy will change. Have you thought about having remote advice sessions on your site, or even hosting Live sessions on Instagram? Here you can help people pick the right lotion or toner for their skin, for example.

There’s a lot that will change given the state of the COVID-19 crisis, but your business doesn’t need to take the hit. At Adorn Media Studio, we’re here to help you with e-commerce strategies and supporting you with your move online.

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